As admirable as a career in general contracting and construction may be, there are a mass of accounting loopholes and mistakes to either take advantage of or get stuck in….it’s absolutely essential that hiring a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) like Scott M. Aber, CPA of AberCPA is nothing short of crucial. Scott has that in depth construction knowledge combined with paramount knowledge of those involved in the self-employed business.  As a contractor, Scott wants nothing more than to help you pay maximize deductions and pay less in taxes.

If you are a residential contractor, commercial contractor or self-employed contractor, AberCPA,serves a wide variety of clients in the construction industry, including general, specialty and sub-contractors.  Our clients for construction industry accounting services include:

  • Residential Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC and Masonry
  • Finish and High-End Carpentry
  • Landscaping Companies

AberCPA offers construction companies cash flow planning, system set up for job costing, analytical and traditional tax accounting/bookkeeping services.  The construction industry is connected to the economy and the housing market, which is cyclical and faces daily challenges and issues with regulations and tax law changes, AberCPA is here to assist.  AberCPA’s years of experience offer a superior advantage when compared to other contractors who don’t have us on their team.

AberCPA will help you control your finances in a well versed way solidified by expert knowledge.  Don’t forget any missing pieces:

  • Insurance: any business needs a CPA to offer knowledge on understanding what type of insurance their operation requires. AberCPA will make sure you have full coverage for your business at the best rate possible with the most minimized risk.
  • Insurance Risks:  only a CPA can predict what cost saving strategies will be most beneficial to your business.
  • Insurance Scope of Services: CPAs have seen practically everything and know what insurance techniques can most benefit their clients.

Call Scott M. Aber, CPA today at (914) 450-2088 and ask for Scott Aber to discuss about your construction industry ta accounting needs.  Scott is an experienced New York City CPA complete this simple contact form and will get back to shortly.