How Much Can I Save?


When there is a tax preparation chain on every street block, you are probably asking why you should contact Scott M. Aber, CPA for help preparing your taxes.  I am going to tell you why you should choose me and explain to you how this whole tax process works.

I am a CPA with nearly 30 years of experience in accounting, tax preparation and financial planning.  The benefit to choosing me is that I am not a “dime a dozen” shop, I am an experienced professional CPA who has made a career out of helping people save money. If you go to one of the dozens of tax preparation chains to get your taxes prepared, you are most likely going to sit down with a seasonal worker who has been employed by a chain just for tax season.  The representative you meet with could be an intern or a student. Either way, this person is probably just someone looking for a little extra cash and additional income.  These people do not know the loopholes in tax laws, they don’t have a vested interest in the welfare of their clients and they generally have limited knowledge of tax laws- all these factors will contribute to you overpaying your taxes.  This is why Scott M. Aber, CPA works!

I graduated from New York University (NYU) with a degree in Accounting and have had the prestigious CPA designation for close to 25 years.  The difference between a professional CPA like myself and the “dime a dozen” chain tax consultant is that I can save you money, I can develop a relationship with you and I have the expertise that is going to put you in the best possible financial position.  So, while you may think you are getting a bargain by going to a tax preparer which inundates you with television and paper advertisements broadcasting their low fees and efficiency, you are really losing money.  The statistics speak for themselves, you will save far more money from using Scott. M Aber, CPA than you spend on paying for Scott M. Aber, CPA.

Yes, this really works!  The dozens of years of experience that I have in tax and accounting have allowed me to be on the cutting edge of tax code changes, new loopholes to minimize taxes and sound legal ways to help you save money and let you sleep peacefully.  I will work with you proactively and year-round to help you develop a strategy for your finances; together, we will avoid that crunch time that most people dread when tax filing time comes around.  Also, in terms of protecting yourself in the event of IRS intervention or audits, I represent my clients- so they don’t have to worry.  Finally, if you have complicated investments like real estate or retirement accounts, you need a specialist- that only come is one form: Scott M. Aber, CPA.

Let me give a real life example of how Scott M. Aber, CPA makes this work.  One of my very satisfied clients gave me a referral to a husband and wife in New York City who were both photographers.  Although they had a relationship with another CPA for years, they felt that they were neither getting what they paid for from their accountant nor paying the least amount of taxes.  After some investigation and detailed conversations with the couple, I discovered they were overpaying their taxes by $20,000.  Wow, they were pleasantly surprised and now they can use their annual tax savings for retirement…or vacation…or anything else!  Their future is now more secure and my tax strategies are 100% legal and IRS approved. I was able to help this working couple make taxes work in their favor.

Let Scott M. Aber, CPA show you that tax savings is a reality and that my strategies work. Call me at (845) 215-5969 or simply complete my contact form.