If you are one of 77 million taxpayers in the United States than there is a high probability that the thought “I need help with my taxes” has gone through your mind.  There is no need to worry because that is why the Scott M. Aber, CPA is here.  We help individuals or businesses who owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), state or local money- be it for a current filing or previous years.  We also assist when your taxes are on time, no money is owed and a you just want to make sure your filing is completed perfectly.  No matter what your circumstance is, the Scott M. Aber, CPA has the resources to settle your worries and remedy your tax situation.

The Scott M. Aber, CPA has been helping clients with its accounting, consultant and financial planning services for 26 years.   If you have simple or complex questions, we are here.  We can help you file your taxes and, if you prefer, e-file on your behalf.   Our resources are unlimited and we are confident that we operate with the highest degree of integrity to solve tax issues as quickly as possible.

I also offer free consultations so, contact me for an FREE initial consultation.