There are many advantages to being a professional in the dental community.  No one needs to risk losing these benefits because of any disregard of the accounting regulations in the New York Metropolitan Area- particularly if a NYC CPA is here to help.  Apart from the rewarding nature associated with helping people, dentists are among the best compensated individuals in the Unites States.  Depending on demographics and education level, some dentists even earn over $100,000 annually.  Scott M. Aber, CPA is more than well-equipped to walk you through every step of securing your career’s future in dentistry with his expertise in comprehensive year-round dental accounting, financial planning, dental practice purchasing/succession planning, cost modeling and tax planning.
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Normally, dentists have their own private practices.  On the more desirable side of the coin, this allows dentists to determine their office’s hours, and the outpatient or inpatient procedures they perform.  On the other side of the coin, however, are the financial liabilities that come with such a prestigious position.  Only a qualified New York CPA can help a dentist focus on the important details that will make your business succeed.  Think of the expenses associated with running a successful private operation, such as managing cost containment strategies, understanding overhead costs, knowing malpractice laws and choosing the appropriate medical benefits that should be provided to employees.  That is a lot of information to comprehend and digest so it is definitely in a dentist’s best interests to work with a CPA with specialized knowledge of the industry.  Scott M. Aber, CPA works with dental firms (as a whole), dentists, orthodontists, periodontists and oral surgeons.

Choosing the right accounting firm and CPA for your practice is a primary way to foster the growth of your business and its future development prospects.  A CPA is also here to protect your career and dental practice while increasing your profits by minimizing costs thereby maximizing profitability.  Scott M. Aber, CPA would like to efficiently work with your business to avoid the following mistakes that he has witnessed by working with a variety of dental clients.  In Manhattan and the surrounding Tri-State Area alone, some very dire accounting errors have been made by CPAs because of the following:

  • Reasonable/legal compensation models and employee insurance programs are not suggested, implemented or followed = lawsuits, audits and massive profit reduction
  • Solid knowledge of sensible accounts receivable or payable balances and inventory control is lacking…all leading to inaccurate bookkeeping = lawsuits, audits and profit misrepresentation (high or low)
  • Inadequate knowledge of dental industry finances which do not provide insight into the optimal monetary allotments to different areas of your practice such as general overhead expenses or dentist production versus hygiene production = profit loss
  • Erroneous or confusing cash flow and other reporting statements are produced…you have twice as many clients as previous periods yet your cashflow is a quarter of what you recognized in those periods = audits (IRS, FICA, sales tax and more), profit loss, diminished prestige

Hopefully, it is rare that a New York dentist collaborates with a CPA who does not have knowledge of bare basics like the difference between a prophy or root canal.  Or, a CPA that does not recognize the importance of keeping up on industry trend knowledge garnered from different dental associations, study clubs or the introduction of tax deductions because of changes in client insurance plans or government policy changes.  Scott M. Aber, CPA’s dental-specific knowledge and experience providing services will increase your operating efficiency and financial controls so you can have complete confidence in your tax, management and operational policy reporting.

A dentist’s job is to help patients improve and maintain healthy teeth and gums- it’s an admirable profession.  Scott M. Aber, CPA’s job is to offer you the best possible accounting services so you can focus on helping your patients while an expert accountant focuses on maximizing your bottom line.  Contact Scott M. Aber, CPA via email with a handy online contact form or call (914) 450-2088.