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Why Choose QuickBooks®  

QuickBooks®, the world-renowned business, personal and financial accounting system developed by Intuit® is 30 years old in 2013.  There is reason companies, particularly those in competitive industries in competitive economic times, stay afloat.  That reason is because these companies offer state-of-the-art and constantly improving products that are unmatched.  As a product offering, QuickBooks® is always evolving and developing new products and new versions that keep customers happy while being the most efficient way for them to keep their bookkeeping accurate.  According to a NDP Group study in 2008, QuickBooks® had a market share of 94.2% in the software business industry of accounting and QuickBooks® is even mobile-friendly!  Speak with Scott M. Aber, CPA about implementing the best selling and #1 rated QuickBooks® into your business and personal operations.

An Overview of QuickBooks

QuickBooks®  completely replaces overwhelming mounds of paperwork with an all-in-one solution.  And that was just in the beginning- 30 years ago.  Nowadays, Intuit® has outdone itself with its latest QuickBooks® bells and whistles.  Former QuickBooks® servers have been replaced with Linux servers.  The ease with which clients can e-mail and send QuickBooks® reports has been vastly improved with the integration of Microsoft Outlook into the software program’s functionality.  Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can also be easily imported into QuickBooks® and there is finally capacity for QuickBooks® to better track time and payroll, inventory, fund reconciliations and transfers while handling on-the-spot questions- and all can be done remotely with user-specific logins.  Additionally, the desktop QuickBooks® has adopted features from its web-based version such as the interactive Google Maps and other nifty Google marketing tools.

Why Scott M. Aber, CPA  Is Your QuickBooks Expert

Learning the ins and outs of QuickBooks® takes time because the software program is so robust and constantly evolving.  Scott M. Aber, a New York CPA has over 25 years of experience in everything and anything that embodies accounting so your personal and business endeavors succeed.  After testing out all financial accounting systems, Scott made an easy decision: QuickBooks® is the best tool on the market.  Scott M. Aber, CPA wants to legally simplify your New York, New Jersey and Connecticut accounting and bookkeeping, while organizing all your financial and personnel details into a singular module.  Scott knows your challenges so look forward to Scott spearheading the following for your personal needs or business objectives with QuickBooks®:

  • Let’s start with Scott’s initial consultation focusing on Intuit’s® QuickBooks® which includes:

    1. Setup – what does your business or personal situation require?  What is your ideal QuickBooks® software?

    2. Based on your setup and software requirements, Scott will set this up and provide your staff with relevant education and QuickBooks® training.

    3. Alternatively, Scott can also manage your QuickBooks® software personally

    4. Scott and his team of professionals are here to ensure critical financial trends are recognized and reported via your QuickBooks® application.

Quicken® – QuickBooks® for the Individual

The original intent of Quicken®, and we stress original, was to help individuals with their personal finances.   Scott Cook and Tom Proulx, Intuit® founders and subsequent genius innovators who came up with a product called “QuickBooks®”, believed (30 years ago) in a streamlined process whereby any QuickBooks ® user could:

  1. See every account in one place with one password– above and beyond personal or business credit cards – 20 or 30 years ago, this was a miracle.  And to make that miracle more of a realism, Quicken® categorizes expenses!  A Quicken® administrator will easily distinguish between a round of drinks for the work buddies and an elegant (not to mention financially reportable) meal to discuss business with existing or potential clients.

  2. Cashflow.  So,  ”Cash is King” so let’s make sure every “t” is crossed and ever “i” is dotted.  No business or person will maintain a likable image or sought-after reputation if there is no money.  It’s a harsh reality but a business will suffer without cash.  Alleviate these concerns: ensure investors and maintain peace of mind that you are on top of your game and in control of your cash flow by knowing the following:

    1. Who purchased those groceries on the company card?  Or who expensed them?  That does not look like food- it looks more like an entertainment activity.

    2. Budget, budget, budget.  Sure, starting the Quicken® process, if you are an individual or sole-proprietor , seems manageable but inherent in money making arer budgetary concerns and investor relations.  Your investors need that trust factor and the investor’s ability to trust your business mode is a must.  This will generally revolve around your cashflow so make sure you can back up your financials.  In sum, on a daily basis balance and manage accounts payable and receivable.

    3. This point is simple: pay your bills.  If you are unable to do this, contact a local financial advisor.  Individuals in the financial advisory profession are not the enemy, they are here to help and Scott M. Aber, CPA specialize  in financial planning but also has an unlimited network of colleagues that can identify and work with your particular circumstances.

Quicken® and its partners continue to thrive because they actually want to help people while being considerate of financial constraints.  Quicken® operates with integrity in what Scott M. Aber, CPA likes to call the “all in one place” principle.  Take a look at what you can see in just one look:

  • Investment/Retirement/Bank/Credit Card Statements

    • Your buy/sell/hold decisions will be well thought out…isn’t that okay?

    • You track your costs and benefits…what’s wrong with that?

    • Profit & loss- that can be a thorn in your side…Quicken® keeps you safe.

No matter what business or personal goals you have, it is a virtual reality that QuickBooks® will act on your behalf (after you provide some basic expenses) to manage your financial outlay and every aspect that comes hand in hand with cost and budgetary expectations.

QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions

QuickBooks®was created on the premise that a consumer, investor or small business needed a comparable tool to Quicken®.  And, then Intuit® realized that the Quicken® product line could expand to small businesses, and even medium sized operations.  Intuit® is one smart organization as they realized that a nearly identical interface as that which was used for the original Quicken® and QuickBooks® would support QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions.  The only difference was that QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions had capacity to hold massive amounts of data; including client names, client customer identities and a plethora of other confidential information.  But that isn’t all- take a look:

Intuit® Advanced Payroll in QuickBooks®

  • Pay your employees and contractors with various options:

    • No cost and immediate paychecks – direct deposit and beyond

    • Save up to 60% on payroll processing charges

  • No need for an IRS audit – rely on your  QuickBooks® automated and imbedded tax calculators

  • Tax compliance is necessary and QuickBooks® wants you to be in full compliance with regulations:

    • Receive reminder notices regarding tax deadlines

    • Allow QuickBooks® to create your W-2s

    • File everything local, state and federal tax-related electronically

  • Utilize the QuickBooks® helpline and Scott M. Aber, CPA- we are all here to help!

Intuit® Merchant Service for QuickBooks®

  • Like it or not, your invoices don’t only include a fee but they present your company; QuickBooks® can make your organization’s venture look professional.  Use QuickBooks® to do the following:

    • Process credit card payments easily with your choice of credit cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discovery)

    • See immediate credit card fund transfers to your choice of bank accounts

    • Rely on hassle-free QuickBooks® account reconciliations

  • Process payments online or via your mobile device or even purchase a USB card reader

  • Save money – you don’t need extra payment processing software or a specialized terminal

Intuit® Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks®

  • Inventory might just be the most complicated part of operating a business.  QuickBooks® offers its users an integrated software function that tracks inventory for you.

    • Track inventory down to bin and warehouse location with unlimited sorting options

      • serial numbers

      • barcode labels

  • Accounting, accounting, accounting – individually decide if you want to use FIFO accounting methods or the average cost method.  QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions just does this for you automatically, among other things.

The Trust Factor of QuickBooks®

QuickBooks® is the best financial management tool on the market for businesses and individuals.  But, in order to take advantage of this amazing software, you need to know specifics; specifics that can only come by working with a CPA who will go through every step of the QuickBooks® process with you.  Save time and money by calling Scott M. Aber, CPA at (845) 215-5969 or simply fill out his contact form.

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