Why You Need An Accountant Instead Of Online Tax Software

Online Tax Software Must Go – Get An Accountant

Reading the latest news headlines are enough to scare the daylight out of anyone who is looking to make sure that his or her personal and business finances are up to par with federal, state and local legislation.  Here are some questions you must ask yourself: can you legitimately save as much money with online, and supposedly free, tax programs like TurboTax and H&R Block?  Are these programs actually free?  Are these programs robust enough to support complex or even simplified tax returns?  And do these software programs possess the knowledge base of a seasoned accountant like Scott M. Aber, CPA out of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut?

The Advantages Of Hiring A Tax Professional

1.  A Qualified Accountant Saves You Effort And Time When Complicated Issues Are Involved

You may consider yourself a very savvy taxpayer with the all the smarts to navigate taxes and further financial planning.   This doesn’t mean you should be filing your own taxes.  For example, did you know that over 50 tax breaks expired at the end of last year?  Ouch, that’s a big number of tax breaks.  Bottom line, if you are at the center of a complicated personal, investment or strategic investment conundrum, why not hire Scott M. Aber, CPA to sort through your matters so you know that your tax filings are done absolutely and thoroughly correctly?.  A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can complete tasks which could potentially take even the most skilled taxpayer months to research and file properly.  As the old saying goes “time is money” and the expertise of a non-CPA would be much better spent in his or her field of expertise than stressing over his or her taxes.  Even if you fall into the category of a not so complicated tax return, you can still save some valiant effort when filing your taxes.

Tax software is fine for a fairly simple return. The more complicated the return, the less use you will get out of it.  It does not know tax strategies or tax planning.  It will prepare a basic return if you know how to use the software. Just like many other types of software, such as QuickBooks, you will not turn into an accountant. There are so many nuances in the tax law that software alone can’t handle. It also does not advise you on how to keep your records organized in order to prove a deduction if you are audited.

-Scott M. Aber, CPA

2.  A Qualified Accountant Simply Offers Better Software Options

National studies have indicated that the average CPA, like Scott M. Aber, CPA in New York spend up to $6,000 annually for the software used to file taxes, among other software programs.   Needless to say, this is a far less amount employed by free online tax agencies marketed to consumers. With amazing speed, a CPA’s more advanced software programs will scan your information with warp speed and ensure that your line items are organized properly.  This means less chance for error!

3.  The Human Factor

Compare the way that a lifelong physician or human doctor knows your past and your  family’s medical history.  In the same way, your accountant or CPA can know the ins and outs of your financial history also.  This would included taxes, financial well being and future goals.  As another example, your accountant is also invested in providing advice on your family’s educational goals and how to reduce capital gains.  


4.  An Accountant Is Your Year Round Resource

Rather speaking for itself, your accountant and CPA will work 365 days a year to benefit your family and you.  It is not only tax season!

What Does An Accountant Really Do?

A CPA has far expertise in specific areas concerning taxes, business operations, budgets, business equity, business management, estate planning, money management and far much more. The accounting field is beyond broad and there are countless ways that a CPA like Scott M. Aber, CPA can assist.

Tax laws are always going to be changing and businesses are always going to be failing because of this fact.  This is just one of myriad examples that a CPA comes in handy– hire someone who understands the everlasting changes and can help your business remain more accountable.  As mentioned, we had over 50 tax breaks expire at the end of 2013.  But what about new legislation?  This is a combination of the efforts between Congress and the IRS.

The Bottom Line

The unfortunate truth is that there is no simple answer to the question of hiring a tax CPA or doing your taxes by yourself.  What everything is going to come down to is your comfort level.  Please give Scot M. Aber, CPA in New York at (845) 215-5969 or complete our contact form.  We look forward to hearing from you!  Get peace of mind and potential tax savings now!


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